Filo Pastry Mince Pies Bites

I don’t really post about it here, but I belong to Slimming World. I rejoined recently to eat healthily and mindfully.

Tonight we have a taster session, effectively a buffet full of healthy food designed to give you a pile of ideas for food to try at home.
After a bit of googling and checking of syn values I settled on Filo Pastry Mince Pies Bites. I bought a jar of Mincemeat from Waitrose which came in a 1 syn a TSP, and after playing round came up with a recipe.
These a 2 syns (or 40 calories) a bite/pie. They are really light, and more inspired by Mince Pies than anything but when your average Mince Pie can be 11 syns (220 calories) it’s a nice alternative.

Two Sheets of Filo Pastry.
Jar of Mincemeat
Egg (for binding and glazing)
Frylight (to grease)
Preheat the oven 180°C (mine is fan assisted) and spray a 12 hole cupcake tray with Frylight.
Lay out the two Filo pastry sheets, lengthwise ontop of each other. Cut in half, and half again.
Layer the pastry together and cut into thirds.
Lay out twelve squares of Filo on a clean counter top.
Crack and beat an egg, using now using a pastry brush, lightly brush egg into the centre of the pastry.
Add the second piece of Filo ontop of the twelve squares, in a star type pattern. Add a level teaspoon of Mincemeat to each Filo star.
Fold one corner of the pastry in over the Mincemeat, level out if needed. Using he pastry brush egg wash each section of pastry before folding another section ontop. Repeat until folded into a parcel.
Place each Filo bite into a hole in the cupcake tray, and add an egg glaze ontop of each.

Bake on on 180°C for 10 minutes, turn out onto a wire rack to cool.


(These are family approved, I left these on the cake plate Sunday evening and by Monday when I got home from work they had all been eaten.)

My three favourite Lush Bath products

Can you blog about Beauty without having a tenny tiny Lush obsession?

Mine began two years ago after my first event, and built steadily from there.

The range of products to sample in Lush is huge. From soaps, and bathbombs to skin care and perfume. I’ve only really dabbled with a handful of products, and am in no way an expert but I do have one favourite product range from Lush that I almost always have on rotation…


As lovely as a bathbomb is, you get a single use out of it. I love a bubblebar as you can get multiple uses, and you still end up with much the same result ; a gorgeously scented, bubbly colourful bath.

They aren’t as fun as a bathbomb, but when you can stretch three uses for the same price point it eases my guilt at the small extravagance.

If you’ve yet to use a bubblebar and woild like a recommendation, or if you’re just like me abd incredibly nosey curious, I have a few recommendations of products to try;

The Comforter


This turns water pink, smells like sweets and creates insane bubbles. I can also stretch it to three or four baths. This is easily my favourite bubble bar, and I will always call this The Refresher because it reminds me of the sweets.



I saw this for the first time in a Tanya Burr video, this pyramid bar has a very strong almost overpowering insense scent. Once you break a piece off and run it under water though, the scent is much lighter. It makes water purple, and the whole bathroom smell incredible.



This gold tear drop is full of gold shimmer particles, so when you move the water shimmers and sparkles. It’s glittery and beautiful, and lasts about two baths.
I do try to branch out when I treat myself to something from Lush, but when I know the products I adore I do tend to default back. Which products do you pick up from Lush?

An Empties post

A little while ago I finished my favourite cleanser off and stopped myself from throwing it away, I’ve done this each time I’ve got to the end of a product over the last six weeks and thought I’d write and empties post. These are one of my favourite YouTube videos (alongside Primark hauls, personal style videos, closet tours and what’s in my bag videos).

Body Shop Wild Argon Oil


This has lasted me about a year, I had a slightly tricky start with this product ,that I bought primarily as a hair product, finding it could make my hair very greasy if I used too much. I quickly established that two pumps was enough to help my hair feel smooth and soft.
I love this product as I can apply the excess to my arms or décolletage and it absorbs just as quickly and is very lightly moisturising. I’ve been using another balm in the interim but as I write about this product I’m missing this so much I think a repurchase may be required…

Soap and Glory: Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I’m not the biggest body scrub fan, and this one has been with me a long while. But the gorgeous scent of this manual scrub had me reaching for it constantly in the summer months (to get rid of that pesky SPF).

Soap and Glory: Peaches and Clean

Another favourite cleanser, this face milk is gentle and very thorough at removing dirt and make up. I love this because it removed eye makeup without stinging, feels lovely, is gentle on my skin and smells INCREDIBLE.

Garner Micellar Water

This was my second attempt at a Micellar water and I love it. It’s ideal for lazy makeup removal, or as part of a double cleanse when you have a bit more time. Gentle, non astringent with no real fragrance, this is an easy favourite.
dsc_6744.jpgL’Oreal Micellar Water
This was my first Micellar water, I finished it just before the Garnier above. This was a perfectly adequate Micellar water but the Garnier has been repurchased (in the small size) twice since.

L’Oreal Miracle Cleansing Oil

This is probably my favourite cleanser, alongside Lush’s Ultrabland. This oil applied on dry skin sinks in and breaks down your makeup, and when you add water it foams up to thoroughly cleanse and clean. I love this product. I will be repurchasing this, when a time arises!

No7 Early Defense Night Cream

I treated myself to this night crew back in March, I wanted something to work into my routine that agreed for younger skin. This product feels cooling as you applying, moisturises the skin without feeling greasy and was a little luxury at the end of each day. I haven’t repurchased this, but it’s definelty a on my future shopping list.
Now I look back on this, it’s a very skincare heavy empties!
Have you used many of these products? What are your favourite bits?
– Emily

Lush Ultrabland: One of my favourite cleansers

As I’m now nearer to thirty than twenty (eeep) I’ve started paying more attention to skin care, especially this year with so many fellow beauty enthusiasts being part of my life. I have three cleansers I switch between depending on my mood.

When I look for a cleaner I want something that will eat through my makeup or just a days grime if I’m sans makeup, will remove eye and face makeup without stinging, and that isn’t drying. Making me a little fussy, but I like uncomplicated routines.


One of my favourites is this, Ultrabland by Lush. This is a creamy clarifying cleanser that feels like a real treat on the skin.

You rub the product into your skin, being very gentle around your eye area. I normally leave it to sit for a few minutes and then using a couple cotton rounds ran under some very warm water I remove the cleanser. I start on my eyes, move over my skin and onto my lips. Two cotton pads tends to be the perfect amount.

I start by dotting the cleanser on my face
I then gently rub the product into my skin, resulting in posting a greasy faced photo online.
Run your cotton pads under the hottest water you can stand, I start on my eyes and then move around the rest of my face in circular motions.
Eeewwwh, makeup.

It leaves me with very soft, clean feeling skin with a slight glow. I tend to use this at the end of my day, in the morning I’m a micellar water girl. Often I’ll follow this with a moisturising mask or just my regular skin care routine. I love this product, and once I get to the end of it I will be repurchasing.

Leaving you with cleansed glowy skin
Leaving you with cleansed glowy skin

A special thank you to the lovely Ali In the Plymouth Lush, who spent thirty minutes talking cleansers, toners, steaming tabs, moisturises masks and all sorts of amazing skin care bits before sending me off with a sample of this piece of perfection (along with a bag of bathbombs and other exciting purchases).


If your in the mood to read more on skin care, Sally wrote a post in January on her skincare routine.

How I Take My Make-Up Off When I’m Being Good.

I, like all of us, try so hard to do be good when it comes to skincare. But, again like all of us, when I’ve had a long day and all I want to do is fall asleep flat on my face the last thing I want to do is a double cleanse.

Sometimes, however, I have a last ounce of energy and I take my make-up off properly like my mother always told me to. When I’m tired it seems like the longest process in the world but at most it takes about 6 minutes. So here is what I do on the good days.


First I start with The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, straight onto the skin and massaged in well. I like to take my time with the massage to really break up the make-up. I then wet my hands and massage the water onto the oil to emulsify it and further break down the make-up. Then I wash it all off ready for the next step.


I had to find a picture of a white face towel because mine is in the wash. Anyway, I run the hot tap and soak the towel until it’s hot I then ring out the excess water and place it on my face for 30-60 seconds. This helps open up the pores for the second cleanse.


For my second cleanse I absolutely love Herbalism from Lush. It leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but well moisturised.


As a fan of chopping and changing my skincare routine to keep my skin on its toes I like to have another option. This Yes To Cucumber Daily Gentle Cleanser was a bit of a whim purchase but I’ve actually enjoyed using it, it leaves a fresh feeling and doesn’t strip the skin.

So there you have it, the routine I use when I’m forcing myself to be good about my skin. I’d love to hear if you have any great cleansing products that you use…preferably that are affordable options.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

Lush Plymouth event: Winter Is Coming


So roughly a month ago I was invited to a special event, Lush Plymouth‘s Winter is Coming launch night. Aside from the enthusiasm of the staff I was really impressed by this event from one main reason: I am a Lush newbie, and I learnt so much about this brand in a couple hours! The night started with waiting outside with the other bloggers, staring though the windows and watching the staff play with Fairy Dust and First Snow, and hoping for the doors to open. Once inside we were given personalised Lush cups and given free reign in the store to see and touch all the new products.


Our first activity was a competition, we were split into teams and tasked with using Fun to create a Santa or Snowman in a very short period time. Fun would be an amazing gift for a young, or arty relative. As I’m typing this I’m thinking about how good it would be for younger sister (who is in her 20’s)!

We were then taken through each product category with a chance to smell and learn about the new launches. Bath bombs, shower products, soaps, face masks, makeup, gifts as the night went on we all got more and more excited about the new releases.

Here are a few of the stand out bits from the night for me:

Magic Wand
Five Gold Rings

And before we left Lush were generous enough to give us a basket to create our own goody bags. I picked up: Christingle, Santa Baby, Yog Nog and Sparkly Pumpkin. I also purchased Rose Jam and Reindeer Rock.

As a note to myself, I need to put Santa Baby in my makeup bag, else Im going to keep reaching for Ruby Woo as my default red lip! When I swatched Santa Baby on my hand I couldnt get over how pigmented it is!!



I’ve used Christingle and love it, it’s brilliant for those days when I’m running out of time and dint have to skimp on moisturiser (as it’s a body conditioner!) it smells and feels amazing. It was also brilliant for all the travelling I’ve done this month. Was able to pamper myself.

And i used my first Lush bath bomb: Sparkly Pumpkin. I was so impressed with it. Using just half of it (I broke the other half off for my mum, she works hard and deserves a pamper) I had the most divine smelling bathroom, with an abundance of colours and it turned the water orange!! And best of all, aside from how moisturised my skin felt afterwards, I didn’t end up covered in glitter.

I can’t wait for my next trip to Lush!


Some of these products were gifted to me, though  attending the event required no obligation to write this post. I wanted to share this with you because I was so impressed by Lush, the products I have used are amazing and Im very grateful for the invitation to such a fun event.