My Eyeshadow Palette Collection.

A great eye look will always perk up your life, we all know that. And a good eyeshadow palette makes life so much easier. But being a make up hoarder you can never just have one palette, that is never enough. As you grow so does your collection and this is mine.

Let’s start how we online shop…cheapest first.


This MUA palette was around £8 and it’s years old but I’m sure they do something similar. MUA is exclusive to superdrug and despite the low price point the quality is pretty darn good. This would be a great start for someone who is just getting into eyeshadow because it has a great range of neutrals.


With 3 mattes and the rest are sparkles you can make a great eye look with just this palette.


Yeah so the name is rubbed off mine but this is the L’Oreal La Palette Nude. We all that L’Oreal make great quality products and their eyeshadows have great pay off.


Although this is a nude palette it has some great transition colours for more colourful looks.


This might be my favourite palette. The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is so perfect for travel and great for an understated neutral look.


It has everything you could possibly need if you were strapped for space when packing for a holiday.


My last eyeshadow palette is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, don’t ask me why I don’t have any of the others. Really good quality, great colour pay off and not a bad price point for the amount of colours you get.


I love how they’re neutrals but a bit more than the usual browns. The purples and greys can really help make a multitude of looks. As much as I love my mattes, I always find myself using the metallics because they give such a pretty shimmer to the eyes.

So that’s my little collection, hopefully it’ll grow in the coming years. I’d love to know your favourite palettes and any recommendations for me.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

Make up look: five minutes to get ready

If your anything like me, if you have 30 minutes to get ready you will spend the majority of that time procrastinating (read: texting/Netflix/youtube).

This is how I make myself look presentable in under five minutes. This was at the end of the day when I’d worn makeup to work and was popping to the pub to catch up with a friend.


After running a brush throwing my hair I grabbed these three products: a makeup sponge, a lipliner and a bright lipstick.

After wetting the Makeup sponge I tapped it across my face to blend whatever bade I had left. This evened out my skintone nicely. This one is from a Glossybox and so far I’m preferring it to my Real Techniques makeup sponge.

I then grabbed my Autograph Universal Lip liner, this is an interesting product ad it doesn’t have a colour pay off, meaning it helps keep your lip colour in place, regardless of the colour. Little tip with this one, apply with a gentle hand. It snaps really easily

I finished with MAC Pickled Plum, first I dabbed this onto my lips to stain them, then I applied straight from the bullet with two layers dabbing off the excess in between.

not my best selfie, but i have an evened out base and am feeling so much more “done” 😊

The lipstick is the main feature of this look, and it’s a really fun impactful colour (if that’s even a word). If I’d had a couple more layers I would have applied a touch of concealer to my cheeks and chin, and a brightening concealer under my eyes but I was really happy with how it turned out.

What do you so when you have a very short period of time to get ready?


March Glossybox Unboxing


I have been subscribed to Glossybox for well over a year, and find its the perfect way to both curb the spending of my beauty habit and try new products. I’m reviewing a box for the first time this month.


-417 Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner
The conditioner had a very smooth and fluid, consistency similar to a body milk. It applies very evenly as a result. Leaves my very long hair on the dry side so a hair oil or serum is unavoidable for me.

The shampoo worked well on my hair but I don’t often struggle to find a good shampoo. I’ll probably keep these in my travel bag and won’t be purchasing them.

Collection Speedy Highlighter
Tend to apply under foundation first, the stick isn’t the softest so I worry it would drag my makeup around. I will apply via my finger tips if I wish to have it on the top of my base. I really like the finish, it reminds me a little bit of Benefits Watts Up.

This one I’ve actually had in my makeup bag for a few months when it first came out, I prefer powder foundations but I love how natural this looks on. No need to repurchase as I now have two!

Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum
This is the hero product of the box for me, it applies smoothly and is absorbed so quick. It feels like a drink for my skin. I might have to buy this one but since falling in love with No 7’s Early Defense Night Cream I don’t know if I can commit to two amazing pieces of skincare. Watch this space.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream
This has gone straight to my mum who is saving it for a holiday. I’m a little scared of anti aging products at the moment so it’s not something I’d opt for unless I was in a pinch.

Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush
I am yet to use this, when I establish a way to work it into my routine I’ll let you all know. I do however love the colour, and how the bristles feel on the back of my hand.

As boxes go I would probably give this a four our of five, even though only two of these products really worked for me i absolutely adore them. Now big question, do I purchase a full size of the serum?…


A mini, slightly spendy Boots haul

This week I have something every beauty blogger has probably written at some point, a boots haul. I popped into boots mainly because I had a voucher that knocked down the price of makeup and skin care, and after the match made event we were invited to previously I have been thinking about buying a No 7 foundation.

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation


I got this in Calico, which is the colour I was matched with. Loving having a new foundation, especially with £3 off!

No7 Early Defense Night Cream


I had a sample of this a couple months ago and really enjoyed using it. Hannah and I spent a while looking for night creams that didn’t have traditional night cream ingredients as they can actually cause your skin to depend on them and age when they’re removed.

I’ve used this for the last few evenings and it can’t recommend it highly enough.

Sanctuary: 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask


I had a single using of this from Christmas and I really wanted a new face mask, unsure of when I’ll next be in Lush I wanted to give this a try again. Ive really got into face masks in the last month and am trying to find a favourite.

L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Buttery Balm


My hair is a touch on the dry side so I’ve bought this one to use once or twice a week to help combat this. I chose this one as it was the only non Tresemme hair mask thing and I really like some of L’Oréal’s skin care bits. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Baring in mind I entered boots intending to buy the foundation and thinking if buying the night cream it was a little speedier than I’d anticipated. Now, what to spend those boots points on…


How I Take My Make-Up Off When I’m Being Good.

I, like all of us, try so hard to do be good when it comes to skincare. But, again like all of us, when I’ve had a long day and all I want to do is fall asleep flat on my face the last thing I want to do is a double cleanse.

Sometimes, however, I have a last ounce of energy and I take my make-up off properly like my mother always told me to. When I’m tired it seems like the longest process in the world but at most it takes about 6 minutes. So here is what I do on the good days.


First I start with The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, straight onto the skin and massaged in well. I like to take my time with the massage to really break up the make-up. I then wet my hands and massage the water onto the oil to emulsify it and further break down the make-up. Then I wash it all off ready for the next step.


I had to find a picture of a white face towel because mine is in the wash. Anyway, I run the hot tap and soak the towel until it’s hot I then ring out the excess water and place it on my face for 30-60 seconds. This helps open up the pores for the second cleanse.


For my second cleanse I absolutely love Herbalism from Lush. It leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but well moisturised.


As a fan of chopping and changing my skincare routine to keep my skin on its toes I like to have another option. This Yes To Cucumber Daily Gentle Cleanser was a bit of a whim purchase but I’ve actually enjoyed using it, it leaves a fresh feeling and doesn’t strip the skin.

So there you have it, the routine I use when I’m forcing myself to be good about my skin. I’d love to hear if you have any great cleansing products that you use…preferably that are affordable options.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

New Years Resolutions

As we all know Christmas is over, the New Year has started and work form some reason has come back into our lives again. As always with each New Year we look back on the year we`ve just finished and look forward to trying at life again.


Last year was quite a big year for me, I actually accomplished a lot. I managed to get myself out of a rubbish minimum wage job into starting my career, I passed my driving test, I got a car and I secured a place on a teacher training programme starting this September. Since last year was so successful for my career I want to focus on my lifestyle and mainly money.


  1. Stop wasting money on high end skin care because the bog standard Boots botanics works just as well for your skin.
  2. Stop buying clothes all the time that you end up almost never wearing.
  3. Each week commit to going to the gym at least 3 times and do yoga on the other days.
  4. Keep up making lunch for work but stop eating the other rubbish.

That last one is a biggie for me. I have for many years pretty much had an addiction to Diet Coke, its been my thing. I`ve always known that its really bad for me but now that I want to get serious about my heath and fitness its time to make it just a special treat not my main source of hydration.


Now these may not seem like huge changes, but thats the point. Anything too big and I won`t keep to it. These 5 little changes can have an impact on my life in a positive way and I`m hoping they will.


I hope you all have had a fabulous Christmas and an excellent New Year.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

No 7 Match Made Service In Boots, Plymouth Drake Circus. Review

When this post goes up, Christmas will be a day away! I will be going out to an early dinner with my family and seeing the pantomime at The Theatre Royal, hopefully persuading everyone that we need a Cointreau Hot Chocolate from The Treasury before our journey home.

Now, back to the post and away from my Christmasy excitement! Recently we were invited by No7 at Drakes Circus to experience thier Match Made Service at a private lock in event. No7 is an established brand that any beauty fanaticcan recognise, partially from its very body positive and female friendly image, and secondly from its placement in Boots Stores, its a counter I walk past regularly and havent graviated towards overly for a while.


When I first got into makeup at roughly age nineteen, I went to No7 as it was an afforable brand where I could get advice on an area that was very unknown to me. I stopped visiting No7 as they discontinued the foundation I was fond of, and from here started sampling other brands both high and low end. Realisitically I owe a lot of my make up knowledge to them for these foundation years. Thier brushes, alongside Real Techniques are ones I use everytime I do my makeup, and my blush brush at eight years old is still perfect and shed free.



Anyway, we were welcomed to the event by the lovely ladies from No7 and had a little catch up whilst we wiated for the rest of the bloggers to arrive, this one was particularly exciting for me as Sally could join me. This was her first blogger event, and our first shared one. The table was set up beautiful, with hand written name tags, gift bags and the most beautiful tea cups for us to drink from and plates of snacks. After an over view of No7 as a brand, which is almost as old as Boots itself and started as a skin care brand, we were intorduced to the Match Made Service.


The Match Made Service is unique to No7, and has been around for five years, it was inspired by decoraters and painters and is an incredibly unique system. the handhels device in the image above, takes 200 photos using LED lights which is repeated twice along a cleansed jawline so to get the most accurate reading. The device was tested originally on hundreds of different skin tones so to create a strong profile to build upon. From here they developed seventeen different shades, when you consider that there are also twleve different types of foundation to chose from No7 have a huge range to select from.

My lipstick options, I opted for Rose Berry Moisture Drench.

This is where the Match Made Service comes in handy, your shade is identified (I was calico), and after a couple questions about your preferences a foundation type is recommended. This is the first time ive hand my make up done for while, and having my face cleansed was suprisingly relaxing. It helped that No7 has such lovely friendly employees, I was put at ease and we discussed everything from Disney to lipstick preferences and makeup tips. For instance, as the foundation was being applied I leaned that you use downwards brush strokes so not to disturb the small hairs on your face.

Another really special thing about this service is that they are more than happy to go back to the beginning and change something up. If your not a fan of the coverage level, you can try a different base. If the lipstick shade isnt “you” , they’re happy to switch it up and let you see a different one on yourself.

My very moody selfie after experiencing the Match Made Service

Above is a less moody selfie with Ellie, we were both matched as Callico (like several of the bloggers at the event), and I think this is a lovely example of the subtle differences between the same base recommendation. I think I will be popping in to get this foundation as aside from my Rimmel bottle running out, I cant get over how good a match this was for my skin tone.

I loved the finished look, I’d like to play around a bit more with blushes avaiable as I felt this was a little too warm for me, but aside from this I thought this was the most natually pretty my skin had looked in the longest time. The Match Made Service is perfect for a post Christmas treat, especially if your looking to refresh your look. If your looking for a treat, where you can leave with a couple samples and not too much pressure for a sale they would be worth visiting. Especially if you consider the Plymouth Branch has a private area slightly away from the rest of the store, so you can feel comfortable even without your makeup on.

Before we left the event we were given some goodie bags, with a couple gift packs and a small burlap sack with skin care products matched to the needs we discussed prior to the event with Chlo. Im not going to show you whats inside the gift packs, incase you get them as a gift tomorrow! The cracker is part of a set, and the pyramid is a gift with purchase so they could even be gifts to yourself.



Did you want to read a different perspective on this? You could read Sally’s from a couple weeks earlier. A few of my fellow bloggers from the evening who documented the night: Ellie, Nicole, Rhain, Sam and Elle.

Now this post isnt sponsored, this is exactly the level of service you would recieve from visiting any No7 counter. I was gifted a couple bits, which Im incredibly grateful for, but there was no expectation to produce a post for this. I really wanted to share this experience, and pass along my recommendation for visiting one of these counters.

– Emily