A Little Weekend Shopping

I can’t adhere to spending bans. There will always be a book, dress or coffee date which undermines my resolve but ultimately brings me a little joy. Today Sally, Katie and I met up for the first time in the new year and went shopping, there was a vintage fair in the guildhall and that alone is reason for a trip to town.

I managed to keep my spending below the £25 mark, if you exclude lunch and a slice of cake, but I’m happy with the pieces I picked up;

White Pie Crust Collar Blouse (£5 Primark)

This shirt has a collar detail, and huge sleeves; two trends I really bought into in 2017 and I don’t expect to fall out of love with anytime soon. This was picked up in a size 18, and I need to pop into the Habadashery before I wear this to work as the bust needs a couple hook and eyes to help the shirt sit flat.

I will always be drawn to a crisp white shirt, especially when such a simple androdyonous item has such feminine details.

Red and White Vertical Stripe Bow Blouse
(£10 Primark)

I have been eyeing this shirt up for what feels like the last month, but when I tried it on the for the first time today I fell in love. The shirt isn’t overly shaped, with only a couple darts near the bust, but it falls beautifully with the bow adding a very cute detail.

It would probably also benefit from a couple hook and eyes, but this is a trend with any button up blouse I own.

Blue and White Striped T Shirt (£4 Matalan)

I have a thing for striped shirts (generally horizontal stripes), normally I opt for black and white, but this blue and white shirt will probably be worn first thing next week. It’s ideal for work and will fit easily into my casual wardrobe, and the slightly thicker cotton top is ideal for the colder months.

Polka Dot Print Scarf (£4 Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair)

This silky printed scarf was the only thing I picked up from the vintage fair . Smaller than the fairs I’ve been to in the past, where space seemed to be lacking, I picked this out within minutes of getting to the main hall. I sifted through a basket of gorgeous scarves, and found this near the base knowing this would work perfectly as either a neck or head scarf. The neutral colour, and polka dots mean I’ll find it easy to wear.

I didn’t buy anything else from the vintage fair, after around twenty minutes I decamped to the cafe for a piece of cake and to read this months book club pick. I felt really uncomfortable at the fair, it was crowded and cramped and full of bottle necks of people, what I could actually see leant more towards retro eighties style (pins, vintage t shirts, oversized denim jackets) and wasn’t what I was searching for. Hopefully I’ll find a black wool beret at the next fair.

Now I’m off to make a cup of mint tea, and hang these up.

– Emily

Embroidery : A White Shirt 

There are some trends I wouldn’t touch with a Barge Poll (Ath-Lesuire/ Sports Luxe), there are some I admire from afar (Harem Pants) and then I embrace some trends whole heartedly. My favorite in 2017 thus far have been; Bell Sleeves, and Embroidery. Both add such a fun detail, that shouldn’t date new pieces to a wardrobe too heavily.

Especially if you incorporate a trend within a wardrobe essential like a white blouse (or a blue striped blouse with a trendy detail). This embroidered beauty has a Mandarin collar, very flattering 3/4 length sleeves and falls out in a slight gather from just above the bust leaving a very flattering fit. The material feels very high quality, and is such a pure white.

I don’t have anything like it in my wardrobe, and it’s the sort of piece that can easily be used for work, a social event, or a formal event (such as a Hen Do). This top came from Matalan, and was very reasonably priced at £16. I adore this embroidery as its so unique compared to the other pieces I’ve seen, with an almost Hungarian theme.

What do you think, how would you style this shirt?


– Emily

New Pin Haul.

I love pins. They are so versatile and fun. You can wear them on the lapel of your denim or leather jacket or on a bag or purse or really wherever you want. They can be so easily changed from piece to piece to go on whatever it is you’re wearing.

So I found really fun online store called Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. They have a great range of fun and political pins and I just had to get myself some of the feminist ones. And this is what I got.



These are the three pins that I bought myself and they all have a feminist theme.



This ‘feminist killjoy’ pin is going straight onto my oversized vintage denim jacket. I love the fact that at first glance you wouldn’t even realise what it said, but look close enough and you will know what I’m trying to say with this pin.



This ‘behold my feminist agenda’ pin is going to have to go everywhere with me, because so does my feminist agenda.



And this might be my favourite pin of all the ones I bought. The ‘I’m not sorry about your fragile masculinity’ pin says everything I knew I needed to say and now I can say it every time I leave the house.


In terms of quality, the pins are all metal with secure fastenings at the back to be put on to your clothes. Also, the delivery was fast and well packaged so no worry of any breakages. AND in the package you are given a chocolate and a refreshers sweet, aka the fastest way to my heart.



In case you want to peruse the website yourself the business card above will direct to the site. The customer service is great and I cannot recommend them enough. They have a great selection of retro designs if you don’t want to scream your feminist persuasions from your lapels.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂



I bought new shoes! Mini Primark Haul

I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right.
Paulo Nutini

Shoes are an area of styling that I tend to struggle with. Presently I have a series of shoe genres I stick to: androgynous (brogues and moccasins), feminine (ballet flats), vintage (t bar) and boots (chunky ankle types). I have heels and higher boots, and a few plimsoles but shoes confound me.

I know what I like (strappy, t bar or animal print), and I wear those shoes to death. This is why I found myself in need of some new ballet flats (or dolly shoes if you prefer). I find these shoes go with the majority of my wardrobe, from jeans and tees to smart workwear and ditsy summer dresses. However, because of the nature of these flats I find they don’t last long. I started 2016 with six pairs of flats which I could rotate and love, and I found myself binning the second to last pair of these in August when the soles started separating from the sides.
Cue a need for new ballet flats and a trip to Drake Circus. After trying New Look in search of any bargain flats (I’m a touch cash strapped at present) I ventured to Primark looking for a pair of simple black ballet straps, and I hit the jackpot.

The first things I saw was this lovely pair of black ballet flats with an ankle strap, allowing me to feel all vintagey and retro. These are also lovely as I can alternate them with my pointed T Bar flats I’ve been favouring recently. I can see myself wearing these in a work, or more professional environment.

Just around the corner from these I found some elasticated fold up black flats, and could resist them. I often walk into work with trainers or plimsoles on to offer my feet a bit of support, and slip into a pair of flats when I get in. These fold up smart shoes mean I can easily do this, and not lose space in my bag! I wore these to an interview this week, and they proved very comfortable.

Finally I saw these leopard print flats. I-love-Leopard print. I feel like this print lifts an outfit from simple and pulled together to fashionable and edgy. I tried these on, loved how they looked with my skinny jeans, and popped them straight in my basket. I wore these to the Bridget Jones event this week (post pending!) and around my home town the next day and they looked incredible. They had started to rub a touch the next day, but nothing horrific.

All in all, I don’t think you can beat Primark for ballet flats. And in this case, I cannot wait to see how I can pair the leopard print and strappy flats with more of my wardrobe.
Have you been shoe shopping in Primark recently? Are you a flats or heels fan?
– Emily

Father’s day gift ideas


I always find mothers day gifts easier to plan than father’s day gifts. My mother is sentimental, loves bath things, flowers and I can pin her music tastes down to a tee. My dad is a non sentimental ex DJ with a fondness for some very niche tech. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here if you, yourself are stuck for ideas with a few different budgets.


My dad has a sweet tooth so a cake always works well. This is a sponge cake with cream and jam. Whipped yogurt and lemon curd also make a lovely substitute. BBC good food have a lovely recipe.


Local Fudge is a brilliant idea, my Dad always opts for rum and raisin ice cream so that’s an easy transfer when selecting a flavour.


My dad loves a DVD, and I know his favourite genres. A trip to CEX and a scouring of the Western/War/Sci Fi/TV section would provide an affordable option, and eclectic selection.


One of the best gifts I’ve got my Dad was a current season England shirt. These can be a bit pricey, but for a football, rugby or any sports fan really, it’s a brilliant idea. This was found on Nike.

Father’s day is this Sunday (the 19th June), what are you thinking of getting your dad? Hope this was helpful as a jumping off point if nothing else!


Can I please have them all?

When this blog started, I wanted it to be just as much about personal style as beauty and other lifestyle bit (aka books). I realised the other day that the closest I came to a style piece, was this post on a wedding guest outfit.

So I’ve created a wish list, comprised of things I would buy if I wasn’t on a spending ban (I’m saving up for something big). I will probably relinquish and buy one of these, I already went a bit spendy in the Marks and Spencer Beauty hall on their Rosie for Autograph range which is oh so pretty, expect a haul/review post!

Anyway, these are the bits I fell in love with, and I think you’ll get a pretty good feel for my style here. These all seem to be striped, red or floral…


ASOS Stripe A-line Dress in Structured Fabric

ASOS Stripe A-line Dress in Structured Fabric £38.00

I already own one black and white striped ASOS dress, but that’s an off the shoulder full skirted one. I enjoy how simple and formal a shape this would be, I think it would be work appropriate but it may be a smidge short.

ASOS Sleeveless Drape Spot Print Midi Dress

ASOS Sleeveless Drape Spot Print Midi Dress £28

Polka dots are a favourite I haven’t indulged in very much, the shape of this would show off any figure perfectly and with a little black blazer it would smarten it up in an instant.

New Look

White and Red Stripe Cropped Sweater £12.99

(top right of the grid of 4) I justify my love of this, partially from its price but secondly because the stripes are red and I own no tops with red stripes.

Navy Mesh Stripe Midi Skirt

Navy Mesh Stripe Midi Skirt £24.99

This skirt is so beautiful. It’s a very full shape with an elasticated waistband and a slightly shorter under skirt. This I am genuinely in love with. It’s the mesh overlay and the shape, this would fit pretty seamlessly into my wardrobe, either in the navy or the equally lust worthy blush tone.

Red Ruched Sleeve Waterfall Blazer

Red Ruched Sleeve Waterfall Blazer £24.99

I don’t know when I would wear this, but that tone of red is incredible!!

White Stripe Balloon Midi Skirt

White Stripe Balloon Midi Skirt £19.99

I do not own a striped skirt, and a long white striped skirt that is almost a circle skirt style would also look incredible in my wardrobe. Im just going to sit here and look at this for a while.



This is a very formal striped skirt, I am probably least likely to buy this but its so pretty. It would smarten up the most basic of T-Shirts.



Not only is this beautiful (and yellow!!) but it has a very subtle funnel neck. A lovely piece, that may be slightly trend led, but is one of the most beautiful prints ive seen in a while.


This is so lovely, it combines layering with chambray and stripes which is perfection in my eyes.

River Island


Word cannot describe how sexy this top is!!!


I know that button through Denim A Line skirts are ten a penny right now, but Ive been feeling drawn to this skirt since I discovered it!


There we have it, the pieces Im obsessing over and a smidge of train of consciousness type description. What pieces are on your wish list? Have any of mine made their way to your list?


A good portion of these images are screen shoted from websites as there was no social media image, I did aim for these wherever possible. I own none of these images