My Summer Saviour: Culottes.

Summer is hot. Summer is sweaty. And chub rub is real. So, to make life more bearable in when it warms up I live it culottes. I love how flowy and comfy they are and also how easy to style and cool they look.


These particular black culottes are from New Look via ASOS and I think they work perfectly for a casual day with the girls or smartened up for a more formal work environment.



For this lazy Saturday spent shopping with the girls, I decided to pair the culottes with an old Topshop crop top and my uber comfy New Balance trainers.


And you can still jump around like an idiot in them.


So, don’t be surprised if you see me living in culottes until the weather decides to behave itself and cool down a little.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

Things every photographers girlfriend knows

This post is very inspired by 11 Things You’ll Only Know if You’re a Bloggers Boyfriend

on the lovely Nicoles blog. The post made me giggle, and I thought rather than mimicking the post completely I’d put a different spin on it.

So, here we go:

  1. You will become a full blown assistant. I helped with one wedding many years ago, and I’ve already booked three days off for week day weddings.
  2. You’ll become a model. Not necessarily the fun sophisticated type, but the lighting/new techniques/ new lenses kind.
  3. You’ll learn about Composure, Rules of Thirds, Typespace and all sorts of other things you won’t be able to explain.
  4. You are a gofer / packhorse. I carry lenses, tripods, go searching for a bouquet or father of the bride on a fairly regular basis.
  5. You’ll really appreciate photoshop. Not the body morphing version, but the perfecting-each-image from-so that a couple will just be happy. Goodbye fire extinguishers, blinking eyes and assistants in the background hello; flawless images.
  6. You know how to rock layers. After many sunset and star scape shoots you know how to wrap up warm, and stay warm. It is completely worth it when you are alone on the moors, with the stars overhead and meteorites flashing across the sky.
  7. There are more photos of you, than there are of the pair of you. Until you force him to take approximately 726 selfies with you.
  8. You pimp his business endlessly to your colleagues, friends, strangers you meet in a bus stop….

– Emily 

Beautiful blue Asos Curve shirt dress: Another workwear piece

My style has always been a little on the preppy side. I found a picture from an aunts birthday when I was about 15 years old and I’m wearing a black vest with a silky high sheen blue blouse. I have a very distinct memory from sixth form of wearing a black 3/4 sleeved button up blouse with my jeans and being asked if I was going for an interview. For me, Blair’s style wins hands down over Serena’s every time. 

 At about 18 I moved from these preppy smart nods to more casual looks, I spent years of my life working in retail wearing uniforms I disliked and dressing for the weekend. However, studying for my degree a few years later meant volunteering and updating my wardrobe, so I was office smart. These volunteer hours, and the office hours I have invested since graduating have brought back my love of preppy, smart, more tailored looks. Especially when I see so many gorgeous stylish women day in, day out.
Add ASOS Curves incredible workwear range, and purchasing this dress was inevitable:

You are looking at a shirt dress, in a size smaller than I would have purchased last year which fits over my bust without any pulling. This is the first button up top I have bought in the last eighteen months, which I haven’t had to hand stitch hook and eyes into, to retain my dignity. This dress screams office appropriate to me, it’s from a lovely cotton material(which is a touch thinner than I would expect) which layers beautifully ,sits nicely and the colour does wonders for pale ladies like myself. It creases very easily but I will forgive that, and it can easily be lifted for a social occasion or evening drinks.

I’m a big fan of shopping my wardrobe, so everything I’ve styled this with in my post is past season. The hat is from a vintage fair last year, the scarf is an ancient New Look beauty, The full skirted Mac is a Primark staple, the boots are from Schuh (thier EBay outlook specifically), the necklace is an old Debenhams piece, and the scarf was a birthday present. Three clear ways to style a new purchase, which makes me much happier about purchasing something I didn’t need, but really wanted.

Best thing about this dress?  It’s currently in the sale at £16.50! Link here if you wanted to check it out.

– Emily

Please forgive my slightly awkward modelling, slowly getting the hang of this!! And thank you to the lovely boyfriend for shooting these back in 2016.

What to wear to a blogger event?

I distinctly remember attending my firstt blogger event last year and feeling nervous about a hundred different things: would the bloggers be nice, would I be treated like an outsider, would I be able to keep up with thier conversations, what the heck were you even meant to wear to a blogging event?

New situations make you uncertainty, and uncertainty can make you feel nervous. Ultimately I dressed a little more “up” than I would normally, I put a few curls in my hair and popped a pair not heeled boots.

It turns out that it was pointless to worry though everyone looked incredibly stylish they did so in a jeans and scrappy vest, or a sleeveless knit. I slipped my boots off and spent the afternoon talking to a bunch of the nicest people (post here).

If your looking for a bit of inspiration, here’s a collection of outfits from events across the seasons:

The Garden Picnic Look:

My first event, I wanted to dress a bit trendy with the 70’s style skirt, but not go against the relaxed nature of the event. 
The Afternoon Tea Look:

This was around Christmas-time I wore a belted Poncho I had made from a picnic blanket,curled my hair and popped a red peplem top and jeans on. Warm, comfortable and perfect for browsing through some shops after.
The Straight after work look:

I kept a nod to the trends in a bardot setyle off the shoulder top, which I paired with a very full midi skirt. As this was a makeup event I kept my look natural for work with a pretty braid.
The pretty summer dress/brunch look:

If you can’t dress up for brunch, when can you? This was my first time wearing this gorgeous Primark dress and will not be the last time. I paired thus with the same boots i seem to wear to every event!

The themed event look

The last blogger event was Alice Themed so I opted for a light blue headscarf in Alice style colours, a little Skirt and an oversized T Shirt with a scene for the book. Inkeeping with the theme and my style without bordering on fancy dress.

Ultimately wear whatever the heck you want. Other bloggers aren’t any different to your normal circle of friends, wear something that makes you happy. Generally when it comes to a blogger event I’ll wear something new, whether that’s a dress or lipstick. Working in an office I relish an opportunity to dress-up.

– Emily

#PlymouthBloggerMeet Fun in the Sun at Mount Edgecumbe.

A little bit of a throw back for you today. A few weekends ago it was the #PlymouthBloggerMeet, arranged by the delightful Ellie ( The event was held at The Orangery at Mount Edgecumbe on a beautiful May Saturday. Emily and I arrived a little early and decided to take some pictures in the gorgeous surroundings of Mount Edgecumbe. And here’s the fun we had.

In case you were wondering about my outfit:

Top: New Look (old)

Bottoms: Primark

Shoes: Vans Sk8 Hi

The Gods could not have been more on our side with the weather, we could not have asked for better.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

A Blogger Picnic: #PlymouthBlogMeet


A fortnight ago I was invited along to something rather exciting: my first blogger event. Invited does imply that I was selected to attend, when in actual fact since the inception of our Twitter I have been all but begging the very enterprising Ellie ( of Little Ellie Mae) to add me to the guest list.

This event could not have been better suited to my personality: it was an informal picnic, where people brought and shared snacks with a baking competition at its core!!! I Love baking, it is honestly one of my favourite things to do, and as any of my close friends and colleagues can attest I’m not too shabby. I also have a signature bake: Chocolate Brownies. So I was in my element.


As far as baking goes I’m organised to an extent, but I also tend towards “making do”. My entry for the competition was a batch of: Triple Chocolate Salted Caramel Brownies. This was due to two reasons: I forgot to buy fudge, and Id accidentally made too much caramel the week before. So I substituted the fudge for caramel, and not only did it taste amazing, I think adding the caramel to the chocolate butter mix caused the caramel to taste “salted”.


When it comes to event day, I was feeling slightly nervous; I knew none of the other bloggers and was attending the event stag, both Sally and my other blogger friend were unable to attend. When I found the location (which was so beautiful, your typical “English Park”) I popped my offering with the rest of the food on the picnic table, and sat under the gazebo with the other bloggers. Who were some of the nicest, most welcoming people. Very friendly and happy to chat with a new blogger, I honestly felt like I’ve made a few firm blogging friends. It was a very welcoming event as well with a few of the bloggers bringing their children or families with them.

It was a lovely event with everyone chatting about a previous week’s event at Lush Plymouth, beauty, style, local life, musicals. Anything and everything. I also wasn’t the only blogger to arrive slightly late, Kim arrived a little while after me with a bake that stole the show.


One of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen, the level of detail and skill that went into this bake. I was very in awe of Kim’s ability. And this beautiful cake tasted so good, between the multiple layers of cake there was buttercream and raspberries, with the same to ice the outside. Its probably one of the best slices of cake I’ve ever had. (I feel a bit like Tamal from last weeks bake off talking about that sandwich). It was a well-deserved win of Star Baker, the sheer amount of time and planning that went into the cake deserves an accolade.


After the cakes and snacks had been devoured, everyone packed up to go to various events (lunches and cider festivals) to take some outfit photos, or just get on with their days. If you’re a Plymouth based or local blogger I recommend dropping Ellie a Tweet or DM to find out about the next one. I could not recommend attending it highly enough.

If you want me to do a post on my Brownie Recipe, let me know in the comments!

If you wanted to read some of the posts from others on the pic nic:

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