An Empties post

A little while ago I finished my favourite cleanser off and stopped myself from throwing it away, I’ve done this each time I’ve got to the end of a product over the last six weeks and thought I’d write and empties post. These are one of my favourite YouTube videos (alongside Primark hauls, personal style videos, closet tours and what’s in my bag videos).

Body Shop Wild Argon Oil


This has lasted me about a year, I had a slightly tricky start with this product ,that I bought primarily as a hair product, finding it could make my hair very greasy if I used too much. I quickly established that two pumps was enough to help my hair feel smooth and soft.
I love this product as I can apply the excess to my arms or décolletage and it absorbs just as quickly and is very lightly moisturising. I’ve been using another balm in the interim but as I write about this product I’m missing this so much I think a repurchase may be required…

Soap and Glory: Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I’m not the biggest body scrub fan, and this one has been with me a long while. But the gorgeous scent of this manual scrub had me reaching for it constantly in the summer months (to get rid of that pesky SPF).

Soap and Glory: Peaches and Clean

Another favourite cleanser, this face milk is gentle and very thorough at removing dirt and make up. I love this because it removed eye makeup without stinging, feels lovely, is gentle on my skin and smells INCREDIBLE.

Garner Micellar Water

This was my second attempt at a Micellar water and I love it. It’s ideal for lazy makeup removal, or as part of a double cleanse when you have a bit more time. Gentle, non astringent with no real fragrance, this is an easy favourite.
dsc_6744.jpgL’Oreal Micellar Water
This was my first Micellar water, I finished it just before the Garnier above. This was a perfectly adequate Micellar water but the Garnier has been repurchased (in the small size) twice since.

L’Oreal Miracle Cleansing Oil

This is probably my favourite cleanser, alongside Lush’s Ultrabland. This oil applied on dry skin sinks in and breaks down your makeup, and when you add water it foams up to thoroughly cleanse and clean. I love this product. I will be repurchasing this, when a time arises!

No7 Early Defense Night Cream

I treated myself to this night crew back in March, I wanted something to work into my routine that agreed for younger skin. This product feels cooling as you applying, moisturises the skin without feeling greasy and was a little luxury at the end of each day. I haven’t repurchased this, but it’s definelty a on my future shopping list.
Now I look back on this, it’s a very skincare heavy empties!
Have you used many of these products? What are your favourite bits?
– Emily

My Everyday Face.

I am the biggest creature of habit. If I find a routine that works I will not change it for years. That being said, a few new things have been added, some little things I’ve picked up and a few things I’ve found whilst shopping my stash. So this is what I put on my face.

So as always I start with my Estée Lauder BB cream, which I apply with fingers. But, recently what I’ve been doing is after I’ve applied with fingers I go over with the big kabuki brush from Tropic. This helps make sure everything is blended and just takes that top layer off to make it all look more natural. Then after concealing I set with any drug store matte pressed powder. 

For concealing I always have a two step process. First, I use the Rimmel concealer to deal with under my eyes and on blemishes or redness, where it is stippled using the blue Eco Tools brush. Then after powder is applied if any problem areas are still poking through I use a little of the stick concealer, this one is from MUA in Superdrug, to cover them up.

Next is my cheeks, I’ve rediscovered my Body Shop Honey Bronzer and I apply that using the Real Techniques brush is a vague contour shape that just adds warmth to the skin. Then I use the Eco Tools brush with the MUA blush on the apples of my cheeks. I find this adds a nice fresh flush to the skin, making it look a tad more natural.

Last thing to do is, brush through my eyebrows with this brush that’s as old as time. I don’t do anything with my eyebrows day to day because it adds more time and I have quite a strong brow naturally. 

So, that’s it. Those are the products I use on my face everyday. What products do you swear by?
Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

My Go To Make Up.

When you wake up at 6am 5 nights a week you tend to go into a make up auto pilot, what with the lack of being properly awake. So this is what I wear 99% of the time I`m wearing make up.



I start with my favourite base the Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB in Intensity 1.0. I apply it with fingers and apply it very thinly and it evens my skin tone out nicely whilst letting my skin breathe a little, aka you can still see my freckles through it.



Next I apply the Rimmel 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter in 010 Ivory on any blemishes and then use this Eco Tool tiny buffer brush to blend out the concealer. I also use this under my eyes but I only apply a little as I don`t have particularly bad eye bags…thank the lord.



Next I set all of my blemish concealing and pay special attention to my forehead with the Maybelline Matte Maker in 10 Classic Ivory and it`s a great skin control product.



Next I use the Collection Cover Stick in 01 Light to go over any particularly stubborn blemishes to try and just get rid of the red.


Lastly, I use The body Shop All in One Cheek Colour in Bubblegum and it`s a great everyday flush of pink blusher that is just a no brainer when my brain isn`t awake yet.


On a day to day basis I don`t do any eye make up or do my eyebrows. This is mainly because I`m lazy and it takes far too long but also as a glasses wearer I find that you can never really see if my eyes and eyebrows are done so I just skip them.

So this is what I wear on the regular. It`s fast, it`s simple and it`s effective.


Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

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Mini Body Shop Haul

If you haven’t already noticed I am a massive fan of The Body Shop. Not only is the company great, with great ideals and practices, but their products live up to their ideals. Ever since I can remember my mum has always used The Body Shop products. Now my mum is not overly into skin care and make up but she did always have a Vitamin E moisturiser, a raspberry body butter and as soon as they started making it a ‘your lips but better’ lipstick. So as soon as I started to get into taking care of my skin and playing around with make up, The Body Shop was one of the first places I went to, (oh the power of brand recognition) and I still swear by them.

So now that I’ve gushed a little about the love of my life, I should really get on with this haul. I was starting to run low on my staples and since I had a 40% off code I took advantage. Though being me I completely forgot one of the main things I needed (the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil) so I will be waiting for another coupon code and ration what I have. SO let the haul begin.

Mango Classic Picks Gift Box
Mango Classic Picks Gift Box

This one isn’t for me. It’s a Christmas present (yes I am that organised) for a friend. Though I have had their Mango Body Butter and Shower Gel and they smell delicious so I’m more than happy to pass on the deliciousness.

Vitamin E Moisture Serum
Vitamin E Moisture Serum

This is one of my favourite products that I have EVER come across. It gives the skin such a great moisture surge and sets up your skin perfectly for your moisturiser, hence why I repurchase it so so often.

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet
Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

Another repurchase, it’s by far the best moisturiser I’ve used for under make up. Not the most moisture replenishing cream in the world but is light enough and sinks in so fast that it is perfect for before make up.

Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub
Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub

This is a new purchase for me, I’ve tried many of the body scrubs and I’ve loved every single one I’ve tried. This is the first thing I’ve sampled from the Wild Argan Oil range and from my first little whiff it smells gorgeous, so I’m very excited to try it.

Just a little disclaimer this was all bought with my own money and out my own absolute devotion and adoration for The Body Shop. Who knows there may be another Body Shop haul coming your way soon, I need to re-buy the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and I’ve just seen there’s a new sale on. Wish me luck that I don’t buy the whole shop.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon – Sally 🙂

My Go To Foundations.

I have been wearing make up since I was at least 14 years old and one of the biggest struggles of that time is finding that one soul mate of a foundation. Having struggled with bad skin for as long as I can remember my foolish young self thought the best way to deal with this was to cover it all up with heavy full coverage foundations. Now that I am older, hopefully wiser, I have discovered a light coverage foundation with good concealing is a much better option for my skin. So in this post I will be sharing 6 of my favourite foundations (technically 3 are BB creams but we’ll just go with it) and why I love them so much. So let’s begin.

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream 00
The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream 00

Oh this BB cream might be my soul sister. My skin has always loved Body Shop products and reacts so well to them, so when I started using this my skin basically jumped up and down with joy. Super light weight consistency, feels like there’s nothing on the skin and spends the whole day sitting under all the other face products moisturising and doing good stuff. Now along with being light weight it is a very light coverage, do not expect this BB cream to cover anything more than evening out some redness. But with good concealing it looks so natural and what it lacks in coverage it makes up for in skin benefits.

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Intensity 1.0
Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Intensity 1.0

The newest BB cream to join my little collection (bought in duty free so ever so slightly more affordable) and my current go to. This does have a more foundation like consistency and is less cream like than other BBs I have tried and is thus a more light plus coverage. I personally have never tried to build coverage but it seems like it could be build-able. Evens out skin tone beautifully, covers tiny imperfections and redness well but spots and scars still need concealing. This is more of a splurge product but since not a lot of product is needed for each application it will last me a long time, I like to get my moneys worth.

Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream
Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

The last of the BB creams. Not much to say about this one, its a good bog standard BB cream that just does the job. I tend to use this product more when my skin is feeling a little dehydrated because it does have great moisturising qualities. Again a very light coverage that needs a good amount of concealing but for those days when your skin needs a big drink this is a great option.

Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder 102 Natural Ivory
Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder 102 Natural Ivory

The only powder foundation in my collection and the only one I’ve found myself being able to work with. I use this more on days when my skin is looking pretty good and doesn’t need much concealing. Leaves a lovely velvet finish while letting the skin breathe a bit more. It also works nicely over a BB cream for a little more coverage.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Intensity 1.0
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Intensity 1.0

This used to be my go to everyday foundation choice before I discovered BB creams. Good solid light coverage foundation, that can be built up to medium, but still requires some concealing. Lovely matte finish, great a evening skin tone out but became a little heavy for me for my everyday use. Now its my go to night out foundation because of its medium coverage and its wonderful staying power, I can dance up a sweaty storm and still looks almost flawless. Great colour match for this pale gal and just love love love it.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude 10 Ivory
Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude 10 Ivory

Like the Double Wear Light much more of a light build-able to medium coverage foundation. Feels gorgeous on the skin as it leaves a velvet, soft, semi-matte finish. Great colour match for the pale and because of its fluid consistency is so easy to blend and thin out where its not needed but build up where it is.

So that’s my foundation/BB cream collection. Since adopting the light coverage good concealing philosophy my skin has only got better and I can’t rave about it enough. Obviously some people love a more full coverage approach but if you’re looking to dial it back a little the products mentioned are great options to try.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon.

-Sally 🙂