Lip products I’m looking forward to using this Autumn 

The other week I was looking through my makeup collection and I came across Revlon’s Black Cherry, AKA the most perfect vampy autumn shade. This got me thinking about all the lip products I wanted to play with between now and winter and I thought i’d pull them together for you.

Revlon – Black Cherry £7.99
The perfect autumn statement lip, this colour is just the right side of dark. The fact the  lipstick isn’t matte makes it a touch more wearable, and is also brilliant when air conditioning and central heating already dry your skin out. The emo in me very excited by this colour, and it makes me want to go late night shopping whilst wrapped up in knitwear sipping a hot chocolate/ mocha.

Fleur De force – Lucky Star £4.15
The gorgeous glossy red adds something different and bright to an outfit. I’m not a huge lipgloss fan, but these leave the lightest stain on your lips so In between applications you still look “done”. Check out the Fuscia shade, another favourite.

MAC – Ruby Woo £15.50
I wear this at any special occasion, but now it’s approaching the festive season this matte beautiful red won’t be far from my makeup bag at all.

Rosie for Autograph – I Love You So Much £14
The only colour I own from this range, this sheer formula is worn any and every season. It is the sheerest colour in my collection, making it a bit high maintenance but this is worth it. (Adore the name btw)

Body Shop – Lip Butters £4
Your lips will be chapped, and you will have a cold and that’s when these delicious moisturising pots come in handy. More moisturising and indulgent than a balm, just ignore the fact your fingers probably aren’t the most hygienic applicator because these are absolute favourite products. And the flavours they come in 😍

Here’s a pile of swatches for you, which ones are your favourites?

Do you get the feeling I’m slightly obsessed with Hannah Gale’s blog at the moment? her list and beauty posts are absolute goals and Im feeling inspired and want to play about with more posts like this. Let me know if you like this style.

This post is also to distract me from the fact can’t get my hands on Charlotte Tilbury’s Velvet Underground lipstick, the product I can’t stop  swatching whenever I pass House of Fraser… sigh

– Emily

A City Breaks Worth Of Makeup In A Carry On

So I am currently in Rotterdam, and will shortly be in Amsterdam.  This trip is uniquely different to any other I have completed, as I went with hand luggage only, and we’re away for four nights. Last time I stayed in London overnight fir an interview I brought three changes of clothes…


I thought I’d do this post on make up, it’ll be very similar to my auto pilot makeup, but with a few useful additions from my Glossybox subscription over the last year or so. I have a separate bag for skincare and toiletries, if you want to see what’s in that let me know! Onto my travel makeup bits:


My makeup bag is from Glossybox, and reaching for it each morning is putting a massive smile on my face. When it came to packing this, it’s a very low key trip so I went low key with my makeup. I decided not to pack foundation, as my skin has been pretty clear lately. Instead I packed my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Medium Cool (2), and Rimmel’s Clear Complexation Pressed Powder in Translucent (021) allowing me to create a simple base if needs be.


Moving onto eyes, im not a huge powder shadow fan. It always creates on me, and I didn’t pack liner to minimise my getting ready time, instead I opted for two Glossybox products: Model Co More Brows in Light/Medium which is a lovely colour brow Mascara which defines and shapes my brows, it has a lovely small brush which helps minimise mess. I brought a Jelly Pong Pong Mascara (Fairy Lights Curl Mascara), it creates lovely definition but us far to wet a formula for me. With every application I have to reach for a cotton bud to tidy away flecks and streaks of black. The finish is lovely but the application is too much of a faff.

The products I packed for the “fun” factor were lip products:


Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti (015). A lovely sheer coral colour, it adds a very subtle something to your finished look. I like this when I want to do something different from my reds and pinks.


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips (colour unlisted). This very glossy, almost Barbie pink is an easy colour for me, it’s the sort of pink I’ve been wearing since I was 18. It suits my colouring immensely and makes me feel cute.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine with the Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam behind me


Barry M 121. This lipstick is better known as “I was too afraid to bring my Ruby Woo incase customs decided my makeup was contraband, or it was pilfered by a clearer, or melted on the journey.” it’s very different to Ruby Woo, but colour is similar. It’s a glossy red which applies slightly sheet but builds well, it has a tendency to transfer but in a manageable way. I love a red lip, I feel classy and very “done” even with the most simple of looks.

And that’s the makeup I brought with me, the only thing I’m missing every morning is my highlighter. I like a glowy finish. There is one product I havent included in this and that’s a sample of foundation I got in a magazine. I’ve used it once, but foundation wasn’t something I planned on bringing.

I also have a tiny Yves Rocher perfume with me, also from a Glossybox. I put this on my pressure points and on the ends of my hair each morning, so whenever I swish my hair I smell pretty!

– Emily

All these pieces were purchased by myself, I’ve been a subscriber of Glossybox for the last year and a half. The perfume sample is older, whereas the Mascara was in this month’s box.

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