The incredible Poppy Print top from TU that I can’t stop wearing

So for my first post of the year I didn’t think there could be anything better to write about an my favourite top of 2016. I have a thing for button up shirts, so this was always going to a firm favourite, but there are so many aspects of this TU top that make me reach for it every single week.

It’s cute and comfy for a weekend brunch, or a cinema trip yet it’s smart enough to wear to work. This is paired with the first pair of black jeans I’ve ever loved: my New Look High Waited jeans from the Curves range. Stretchy and slimming they make an incredible base for most outfits. These boots are an old pair of Clarkes beauties that badly need reheeling.

I realised this year how much I love 70’s inspired prints, and thanks to Sally how fashionable and affordable Sainsburys clothing range is.

– Emily

Sunday’s were made for Brunch, and Dungaree dresses

A couple Sundays ago, a bunch of us went for our monthly blogger brunch. We popped along to Bella Italia, where we basically had the place to ourselves and had the best morning. It’s one of those relaxed informal things I seriously look forward to, especially as the lovely Nicole was happy to play model/photographer afterwards.
There were two things I was most excited about shooting with this outfit: firstly the most ridiculous and beautiful 70’s inspired scarf my parents brought back from thier holiday, and secondly this denim dungaree dress. I’ve had this dress about a month, worn it almost every weekend and Instagrammed it twice already (here and here) and generally love how easy this piece is. I bought it on a trip to Matalan with Sally, who also now owns this dream of a dress. The scarf was also an exciting wear, I’ve had this about two months and been unable to wear it because my poorly psoriasis hands would have damaged it.

This dress comes from the plus size range at Matalan (Papaya Curve), which I didn’t even know existed until I stumbled across this dress. The range goes upto a size 28, and it’s very fashion forward collection. It’s a brilliant piece because the denim makes it a neutral, it works brilliantly over a roll neck jumper or white shirt. This dress is warm, beautiful and well fitted. It’s an easy cross seasonal piece which I doubt will be leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

The material is a lovely thick indigo denim with the deepest pockets I have ever come across. I recon I could fit my IPad mini in them.

Basically I love this dress, and I also love these photos Nicole is such a babe 🙂


Dress – Matalan (closest version) , Boots – Clarks (similar), Hat – Peacocks (similar) , Socks – Primark, Scarf – Gift, Coat – Chairty Shop


I am one of those crazy people who won’t wear tights until December hits. Partially because unless I’m ill, I don’t really feel the cold. And partially because I’m a bit lazy and always forget to replace my tights. If any of you are worrying about my health, I now have tights 🙂

– Emily

Lace and Pleats: Making the most of the remaining British Sunshine

This, is probably my favourite outfit of this year so far. I’m a real girly-girl and a good portion of my wardrobe is either lace, pleated, pink or white.
The top was a sale find from Tesco (£7), the sleeveless topics made of huge lace flowers with lots of little holes around the lace and the centre of the flowers. The arms and neck have a scalloped lace hem to add an extra detail. I especially love the high neck, it keeps the top demure. I have an incredible nude bra I wear under this, ore wise this would call for a nude vest underneath.
The skirt was an early spring purchase from Primark (£11) that I’ve worn previously with a stripped 3/4 sleeve body and a lace cap sleeve body. The floaty mess of this skirt call for a more fitted top. This moves beautifully and is made for this top. I did have to fix the waistband on this recently as the stitching had starts to come apart.
I added a pair of strappy sandals also from Tesco (£4!) they have a gorgeous gold plate down the middle of the shoe adding a touch of glamour.
I have worn this outfit three times in the last couple months; to the last Blogger Brunch (next brunch is the 16th, comment if you’d like to join), a formal event and a lunch with friends. I doubt I’ll be able to wear this combination for much longer with the Autumn months coming, but that just means looking for new ways to style these.

(Eternal thanks to the ever patient Matt for both taking, and editing these photos for me. You are incredibly talented.)

*pricing is a rough estimate, as I don’t have the tags to hand.